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Before you make this decision know that It would go smoother if I had your AVON log in # and password but this can all be done without it as long as you are available when it's time to edit the site.    
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                 $47.00 Total Package Deal

Total Package Deal includes:

1. A Background for your eRep site


2. Automatic Holiday Background changes


3. Maintaining your Campaign Brochures for 6 months.


4. Advertising your site in the top 10  Top Search Engines


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I will need your log in information to do this automatically but it can be done without it.


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After 6 months I will show you how to change the brochures yourself to save my monthly Maintenance fee of $15.00 per month.


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This is a great savings and one time yearly fee. This does not include a Blog, photos, or adding other items after the initial set up is complete.


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Anyone that uses my Services will get submitted into

ten of these Top Search Engines FREE!


The good news is each Search Engine I enter you in when I am done

you will actually be in over 3,000 Search Engines over the net.


That's Not All!!

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