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 Before you make this decision know that It would go smoother if I had your AVON log in # and password but this can all be done without it as long as you are available when it's time to edit the site.


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Are you interested in designing your Avon eRep site with a nice Background & Brochures for Viewing?


I would be happy to help you develop a beautiful site to grow your Personal & Direct Delivery Sales!

I have many references and sites already done up for you to view if required. I also do work for Avon Representatives, Advanced Unit Leaders and LABC Avon Store Owners (unfortunately the Store owner had to stop but I still maintain her eRep site.


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This offer includes:

$25.00 one time set up fee & I will maintain your brochures for 3 months. I will accept 2 payments of $12.50 each with the first payment before Design billed thru Pay Pal.


Note* I will change your brochure codes for 3 months then give you the instructions on how to do it yourself.

1. Background of your choice

2. Brochures, current & previous with mark. & Tiny Tillia

3. Add you to 5 top Search Engines (see below)

4. Periodacly send you other places for you to advertise

5. Share Business tools & information with you.

Extra's Below:

1. If you need me to change your brochures monthly after 3 months, my fee is  $15.00 monthly billed on the 1st of every month & adding you to more Engines.

2. I will set up an account for you and at the end of 2012 I'll send you the payments you made so you can claim them on your taxes and get it all back as Advertising!


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Contact me for details on how to get started.


Judy Pinkham

Avon Independent Sales Representative

Web Designer


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Anyone that uses my Services will get submitted into

five of these Top Search Engines FREE!

The good news is each Search Engine I enter you in when I am done

you will actually be in over 3,000 Search Engines over the net.