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This is a fantastic deal if you live
 in a Country that does not have an AVON eRep Site!

Unbelievably LOW $25.00 one time

Anyone can make a blog. This offer is for those who can not or do not have the time to create one.

Before you start, decide if you want to purchase your own domain with your own name. Or just use the extension from the blog you choose to create. I have many options.

This can be done in many places very affordable but should be done before building your Blog. I will need the name you choose and do not add the word AVON in the url title.

Example: this is a paid domain. Or use .com or .org,. Keep in mind it may take several attempts to use your own name as thousands are already online with the same links.

What A Blog Offers

1. You can make a site for your Customers Updates on products & specials you may have running.

2. You can show off your inventory but not use a shopping cart to actually sell those products, your customers must contact you for delivery or pick up and payment. It's a great way to show off what you have on hand online.

3. You can make a site for your Downline to join for Business Information & training. This is used by many. You can also create a Yahoo Group Forum for them.

4. You can advertise your Avon eRep with a Referral Link right to your site. Blogs are searched everyday by thousands of Potential Customers. This is a fantastic way to get your eRep site advertised and online!

5. You can make a post and share it in "email" , "facebook" or "twitter" and many other Social Networks.


If you check my Blog Designs you'll see what others do with their blogs

buy your own domain and remove the

My Favorite website/blog is below and I know you will LOVE IT! buy your domain and remove the webstarts

this will change soon to affordable web design.

Many add-on's and templates to choose from @

buy your own domain and remove the

Do it Yourself, It's FREE!

If I do it, it's $25.00 to set it up then $5.00 per hour to add or remove anything you ask me to.

It normally takes me anywhere's from 2 to 4 hrs each time.

My fee includes:

1. advertising your Avon eRep site for a month

2. working with you until you can edit your own blog

3. giving you blog advice

4. giving you business tool resources

5. giving you advertising for free you will submit to sites


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   Blogs I have designed and Maintain

Unfortunately I have had many but since the owners have stopped using their sites.

More coming!