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I have designed a few sites so you can choose where you want yours listed should you choose

to order a blog or website other than your eRep site. All of these sites can be used for blogging and sharing with Facebook, Twitter & More!


Make a site like these to share information with your Customers privately. Add Photos of Inventory you might want to share with them.


Make a site like these to share important Business Tools with your Downline.


There is so much you can do with these sites. You can also create your own domain with all of them and remove the extensions off the end to make it all yours!

                               Flower divider you can buy your own domain & remove  for

1 Year $39.95
2 Years $33.95/year (15% discount)
5 Years $29.95/year (25% discount)
10 Years $24.99/year (37% discount)


                                           Flower divider this one is by far the best with the most options. You can make it your domain without the for

as low as $7.50 a month with "Enchanted" or upload your own domain here.


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I have many more AVON eRep Website's designed and Blogs if you want to view a few let me know. My most favorite spot to build is below. I wish it was set up different and we were allowed I would perfer this site over my eRep AVON site anyday!