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It's a tough job to find the fragrance that's right for you.
 Here's some helpful information about Avon Fragrances and fragrance families
.....did you know fragrances belonged to families? Now ya do!



The Oriental Family is exotic and spicy. These fragrances are wrapped
with warm comforting notes such as amber, vanilla, cinnimon and clove.
Also present are rich florals. The are often described as addictive and
give a sweet impression. In the Oriental Family you will find:

Tomorrow, Avon Extraordinary, Far and Away, Tomorrow for Men,
Black Suede and Mezmorize

~~~~~~~Fruity Floral~~~~~~~

The Fruity Floral Family is fruity and bright, it uses fruity notes mingled
with floral to give color, freshness and add juiciness. Fruity notes can
 be green (apple/pear), tropical (peach/pineapple) or berry. In the
Fruity Floral Family you will find:

Crystal Aura and Surreal

~~~~~~~Floral Floral~~~~~~~

The Floral Floral Family soft and femanine and the most popular
fragrance family. Florals are characterized by a blend of mixed
bouquets such as jasmine, rose, white peony, gardenia, and tuberose.
Florals can be pure and flowery or blended with soft musk notes for
a subtle warmth or to create a soft and powdery feeling. In the Floral
Floral Family you will find:

Today, Dreamlife, Sweet Honesty, Rare Pearls, Rare Gold, Odyssey,
Night Magic, Candid and Soft Musk.

~~~~~~~Fresh Floral~~~~~~~

The Fresh Floral Family is fresh and zesty. Fresh floral fragrances are
bright florals accented with fresh notes. They burst with citrus notes
 like lemon, lime, and grapefruit or crisp greens like fresh cut grass or
violet leaves. This family also includes cool and refreshing water-based
scents. In the Fresh Floral Family you will find:

Always, Haiku, Avon Goddess, Avon Smile, Avon Shine and Blue Rush for Her


The Citrus Family is zesty and energizing. and boast clean and refreshing
notes such as lemon, lime and mandarin as well as natural notes like fresh
 cut grass and rich green leaves. Cool and refreshing marine tones are
 also present. In the Citrus Family you will find:



The Fougere` Family is fresh and clean, it is the most popular in the men's
category. Fougere`s contain a cocktail of ingredients mixing citrus, lavendar,
orange, ginger, black current, lime and are often spiked with sweet spices
and oriental woods. They give a clean and groomed impression. In the
Fougere` Family you will find:

Blue Rush, His Story, Wild Country, Derek Jeeter Driven


The Chypre Family is rich and earthy and is categorized by the contrast of
citrus freshness against an earthy or mossy feeling from notes like oak
moss and patchouli. There can be mixed florals and leathery fruity notes
to create different types of chypres. This family is rich and sophisticated.
In the Chypre Family you will find:

Imari, Timeless and Perceive


Now you may be asking yourself what is a note? I will be happy to tell you!

A Fragrance goes through 3 main stages in which intensity changes and
different elements of composition emerge. The stages of a fragrances
are top, mid and base notes.

TOP NOTES: get your attention right away. They are strong and make
an impression but fade quickly. Common top notes are citrus, fruity and
green notes.

MID NOTES: as top notes gradually fade away, a fragrance intensifies
and mid notes become apparent. Mid notes appear 10-20 minutes after
application. They form the heart and body of a fragrance and give overall
 character. Mid notes are floral and spices.

BASE NOTES: base notes give foundation and lastingness. They are
noticable 15 minutes after application and the final scent to emerge
after application. They bring depth and solidness to frangrances. Base
notes are woods, musks, ambers and vanilla.

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