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Step 4 Creating a Blog

Print this so you can follow it, highlight only the part you want to copy, copy and paste it somewhere on your computer then print.

You made a tab in edit called "blog", now you have to create a blog.

Anything you say in this blog will show on your main page.

To see what I am talking about
Visit My Site and look right of the center section.

If you want to make many blog posts for customers to click thats ok, but to keep the one on your main site you must do this each time you make a new post.

You have just made a new post, save and publish it, when your done click on the month and post you made for the main page, publish it and it will appear on the main page and your other posts will be in the tab "My Blog".

The reason I say make a blog and post it here is to even out your page and make it look nice & not lopsided.
Now back to your blog, to make one , click edit contents,it will bring you to a message, now click on blog manager.make your blog and publish it. Go back to edit website & save and publish, then view your site.

Unfortunatly you can't put a background here yet. I'll work on how to do this.
Good luck

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