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Print this so you can follow it, highlight only the part you want to copy, copy and paste it somewhere on your computer then print.
First do this:

There are 3 sections you can add your own information and 2 of them you can add backgrounds to WELCOME MESSAGE - NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS - BLOG

  • Go to click on web office then personal website then edit website.
  • When you get there you will see pink edit tabs.
  • What you need to do is click on the left side one click the arrow and make that "welcome message" then click the center pink edit tab and make that one "news & announcements,
  • click the right pink edit tab and make that "blog".
  • Then click save and publish. Now you have moved a few things around , now we are going to put a background on your page,

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    Step 2 - Addin a Background
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