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HouseHold Uses for SSS

1. Sponge it around doors, windows, and on screens to keep crawling bugs out.
2. It's a good wood cleaner and conditioner for natural wood.
3. It removes glue and gum left from price tags and labels from glass, metals, and most plastics.
4. It removes soap scum from shower doors and curtains, and bathroom and kitchen figures.
5. It removes lime and hard water deposits from fixtures, tile, shower doors and windows.
6. It's an oil lubricant for fitting pipe joints that won't slip together.
7. It cleans ink off most vinyl and painted surfaces.
8. It cleans heavy oil and grease from nonporous surfaces.
9. It takes fur off of clothing.
10. Rub on brass ornaments or figurines to help keep them from turning dark.
11. Removes crayon from appliances and most painted surfaces.
12. Wash cupboards with it mixed in your cleaning water to keep ants off and out of the cupboards.
13. Use it to discourage hornets from building their nests. After using a hornet killing spray, remove the nest and keep the area sprayed with SSS. They will not rebuild there.
14. Use it to clean leather; it will also keep it soft and supple.
15. Use it on your air conditioning screen (filter)--your incoming air will smell fresher and the filter is easier to clean.
16. Rub all over windowsills to keep ants out.
17. It cleans paintbrushes easily and leaves them soft as new.
18. It removes gum from carpets.
19. It removes scuffmarks from patent leather shoes.
20. Use it on running rails for sliding glass doors and windows.
21. It removes "ring around the collar".
22. It removes liquid nail (paneling glue).
23. Two glass bowls or glasses stuck together? Drizzle a little SSS down the sides and they'll come apart easily.
24. It removes candle wax from furniture, carpets and clothing.
25. Hummingbird Feeders: To deter bees try rubbing SSS on the feeder surface by the feeder ports.
26. Maggots too!! You squirted SSS in can and lid, then later flushed with soapy water, you shouldn't have any bugs in cans rest of summer!!!
28. It is a great furniture polish!
29. Ok, we have a new use for SSS bath oil. Put it in one of the bottle that you attach to your backyard hose and then spray down the back yard! Will cut down on ants, mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies.
30. People around the outskirts of Eureka and surrounding areas (and sometimes in town) spray it on their rose bushes to keep the deer from eating them, and at the cemeteries on the flowers they put out there for the same reason.
31. Kills spiders.
32. It cuts grease and cleans dirt from range hoods.
33. Add a capful to wash water of clothes...acts as a fabric softener and keeps the bugs off clothes.
34. Spray on orchids and other flowers for moisture and to keep bugs away.
35. Cleans baseball caps. Just spray on and rub with toothbrush.
36. SSS I used this recipe mix one part SSS and 2 parts water on my tomato plants and kept those ugly old tomato worms off. I think that adding the vinegar would be fine too and would be nice not to have to shake the spray bottle all the time. I sprayed my plants about every 2 or 3 days. Worked grand!! Too late for most this year, but file this for next.
37. SSS bath oil also does a great job cleaning cherry wood cabinets.
38. Put a little in your mopping water to help keep crawling bugs out. (Not too much or the floor gets slippery.)
39. Use to clean windows.
40. Removes crayon from most surfaces.
41. It's a great insect repellent (or you can use Bug Guard, the actual SSS repellent)
42. Screens can be lightly sprayed with Avon SSS to repel no-see-'ums and tiny gnats that otherwise might slip though the screens.
43. Another use for SSS is it will kill those pesky earwigs. Spray it on & they don't return to life.
44. Also if you ever make candles, use clear wax and melt put SSS in it and harden works great for out side in the summer.
45. As a deodorizer, spray into air and let settle, kills those nasty pet orders.
46. Kids rooms if a child wets the bed, spray the bedding and sheets before washing and will give it a fresh clean smell.

*SSS bath oil is approved by the FDA/CDA only as a bath oil. Avon makes no claims of these uses, nor have they