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SSS For Automobiles

1. It removes tar spots from the car without damage to the paint.
2. Use it to clean vinyl dashboards, seats, and tops. It not only cleans, but also keeps it soft and helps to prevent any cracking.
3. After washing your car, use it as a tire dressing to keep them looking like new. 98. Put some on a small washcloth and leave in the car to help keep the air fresh and clean.
4. Wipe down vinyl surfaces inside your car. Cleans nicely and removes smoke odors left by cigarette smokers.
5. It gently cleans heavy grease and oil from skin and nonporous surfaces (great for Mechanic's Hands).
6. It removes tree sap.
7. Prior to traveling...rub SSS on headlights and grill. It makes insects and bugs easier to remove.
8. Shines vehicle tires
9. Open a towelette and use as an automotive air freshener.

*SSS bath oil is approved by the FDA/CDA only as a bath oil. Avon makes no claims of these uses, nor have they