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How to Do EZ Returns

There are many return process's here I will show you how to do a simple return.

To do a return, simply click on site map and click EZ Returns

Click "credit and replacements" on the left

The best way is to choose "by Campaign received", especially if you have more than one to return

NOTE: If you only have one item you can choose by product number if you like

Fill in the information of the product/s you want to return.

When you are finished, print 1 packing slip and 2 invoices, keep one for your files and put one in the box for shipment. Send your items within 10 days or you will have to do it over again.

Pretty much if you can get this far you can review all EZReturns will do for you and track your order. Look around and get familiar.

It's very simple to use or ask someone in the forums for help. You can also contact Avon right at your website.
If you are having issues with a return, and can't get help from your District Manager or Avon Customer Service, not just a simple return that you can't figure out, but a real problem email me and I'll give you an email you can contact (only if all else has failed:)
please do not use this email unless it's a big issue and can't be solved by your District Manager or Upline. We do not want to abuse this email.