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Refer A Friend Promotion

Pass this brochure on to a friend, (after you choose the items that you
Would like to order), fill out the coupon below and give to your
Friend. when they place they will return the coupon to me you both will
Receive the following discount.

Refer additional friends and each one will receive the discount. When you
Receive your order you will receive an brochure for the current campaign and
A new referral slip to do it again. Great way to keep on receiving discounts.

Please return the following coupon with your order to receive your discount, and
If you were referred by a friend that has placed an order they will also receive discount
Refer a Friend Promotion Coupon

Return this coupon to receive your discount of 20% off your initial order.
You were referred by ______________________, and they too have received
A 20% discount off their order just by referring you.

Keep this promotion going by passing your brochure to a friend and they too
Can earn this discount from you with their order.

This coupon is only redeemable with the following AVON Independent Rep
Your Name Here
(Your Phone Here)
Email me for more referral coupons at
Your email here

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