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Easy Recruiting

  • "Hi! My name is _____ and I'm an Avon Representative in this area. Would you like an Avon book?"
  • "Yes...." Hand over the book.

  • "Are you familiar with Avon products?"
  • wait for reply

  • "Do you have a representative?"
  • wait for reply

  • "Well, I'm in the area today looking for new representatives to join my Avon team. Have you ever considered starting an Avon business?"
  • "NO!" (the typical reply)

  • "Did you know that you can start your own buisness for just a $10 investment and you can make up to 50% profit from the very beginning?"
  • blah...blah...blah... Then, no matter what they say, ask them, "Can I get your contact information so that I can follow up with you (to talk about this opportunity or before my next order goes in)?"