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Quik Pay

Paying Avon seems to be a common question for new Reps

Avon does NOT pay you. You make money when you sell product. When your invoice comes after an order you will see 3 columns

  • First column is what the customer pays per item

  • Second column is the total of costs per item, say they ordered 3

  • The last column is what YOU pay Avon

  • So subtract the middle column from the last one and the profit is yours to keep. You will be paying Avon the difference, they will bill you for this. You will always see credit, thats your payment.

  • There are several ways to pay Avon, I suggest you go to "My Account", then maintain profile , you will see Quik Pay - Enroll.

    What you will do is send them a blank check and whatever they request in there. It won't take long for them to hook you up.

    Next time you have to pay before submitting an order all you have to do is click "My Account" then "Pay Avon" you will see the Quik Pay right there. All you will do is enter the amount your paying and the password you gave for the account. It's quick and easy.

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