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My Order Process

If you are an eRep Representative. To become an eRepresentative go to your Account tab, click enroll as an eRep. Get one person to order thru your website each campaign Direct Delivery or Personal Delivery to have your $7.50 waived.
When you log into site click on my orders tab

Create Order
  • 1. Select a Group: You can catorgerize your customers and downline so you can keep them seperate. There is no need to do this and can be done at a later time when your more familiar with your site.
  • 2. Select a Customer: Select your customer, click on the campaign you want to order in and it takes you to the brochure ordering section. This is when you order for your customers, you will see the rest once you get there.
  • 3. Or Click Add a New customer and add their information here. this is tricky because if you don't have all their information to save it won't let you continue. HINT* Sometimes I might enter my address, phone and email to get them in, then I call them and get their information.
  • 4. Here you can view all your orders by clicking on view all.
  • 5. View Campaign Literature: Here you can do several things. click on all the links to the left and see where they go. I suggest you search your whole site and get familiar with it.

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