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How to Hold an Online Event

Online Events - Another Representative Tool

This is another great way to host an event for any charity, school or business and more.

 Online Events Instructions

 1) Go to website (not your eRep site), log in. Click on "Web office" then "online events / eParties

2) Click Set Up Online Event, all your information should be listed. If not fill it in first.

1) set up date (when you wish to start)

2) organization name (if this event is for an organization put their name or your name)

3) address (same as above)

4) contact name (you) or if this is for an organization put in the name of person holding it

5) Number of Participants (I always select over 101)

6) Estimated Sales (put any amount)

7) Percentage of sales donating (depending on if it's for you put 100% or if it's for an organization I usually put 60%), whatever you agree on

8) Start (date) click on the calendar
9) End (date)   click on the calendar

10) Promotional code required for tracking:
For example you can't use AVON free shipping codes
I am doing an event for my mothers foundation so
I called it Violette Fund (think of something you can remember)

You can add a note to your customers below or not, it's up to you. I always say "Thank you for shopping with me and helping me raise funds for blah blah blah. Then just submit. When you go to your eRep site click on events and see yours.

If you want to change, edit, delete your event click on "web office" "Online events/eParties and manage your events.

Any questions click on FAQ, Good luck!

You would direct your customers to the tab Events to order for

this event. They use your code instead of AVON's codes and they would click on the "online events" tab to do their shopping.


Have fun! Please read FAQ all your answers are in there.

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