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New Reps SignUp

Registration Process - 2 ways in case one doesn't work!

  • 1. Go to

  • 2. Click Register Now on the right side of the screen under the Avon Representative login area.

  • 3. The Get Started screen contains text entry fields. Enter your District Number, your eight-digit account number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number in the appropriate boxes. Your account number is printed on your Avon Independent Sales Representative contract or any recent invoice.

  • 4. Click Continue.

  • 5. Review the terms and conditions. Once you have reviewed them, click the radio button next to Accept and click Continue.

  • 6. You will be brought to the Complete Your Enrollment screen where you will validate or complete your publicity release and preferred preview selections. Enter your new password in the Password box. For hints on creating a password, see the Password Format section of the Help menu.

  • 7. Type your password in once more in the Password Confirm box.

  • 8. Type a password hint that will remind you of your password in case you forget it. See the Password Hints section of the Help menu for more information about creating a helpful password hint.

  • 9. Click Continue.

  • 10. Your browser will navigate to your personal home page.

  • Or Go Here

    Ok if your a new rep and this is your first time logging into you need to first
    click on register now which is just below the representative log in.
    Registration Page
  • You will need to enter your
  • district #
  • acct #
  • temporary password (this is the last 4 of your SS#)

  • After doing this you will be prompted to set your account up permanently.

    The next time you log in you will go to the rep log in.
    Hope this helps :-) Have a GREAT day!
    Don't forget to click on Training and Learn all You can about Avon

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