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My Account Information

In My Account this is where you can view Invoices; Invoice Addendums; e-Z Returns, Pay Avon, See your Profile, See your Referrals, Direct Delivery Activity, eCustomer Earnings Direct Deposit
  • Now Under Review Account Statement: you will see your Amt Due; Balance you owe Avon before your next order is submitted & the last payment you made. Click Your Back Button
  • See Invoice Detail: you can view and print your campaign invoices here, these are the invoices Avon sends you with your orders not your customer orders. Click your Back Button
  • Process Returns, we will get into later on, it's a little more detailed e-Z Returns
  • Maintain Profile: Here is all your information. Your RPS Code (see calendar) is something you should print. This tells you when your order is due, when Avon ships it and when you should receive it.
    You will see "Pay by Check" if yours says no you should scroll down and click enroll "QuikPAY", when I bring you to the Pay Avon section you will see why this is convienent for you.
    Instant Credit: It will say yes or no, if you need to know more about Credit Limits and how Avon gives them to each Representative Click Here - Credit Limits
  • Now your looking at Language Preference; Publicity Release & Preferred Preview. If you want to change any of these click "MAKE CHANGE NOW" button in RED. If your Preferred Preview says yes you might want to click it and say NO. Yes means Avon will send you package's of bundles costing you $40 or more each time they have one. I click NO because I do not need the items they send.
  • The bottom section: if you want to Pay Avon online using your checking account click "change" on "QuikPAY" and enroll today. It's worth it.
    If you want to be an eRepresentative click "change" now and give yourself an online Website for your Customers to order Personal or Direct Delivery. When you are ready to Design your eRep site" target=_"blank">Click Here - Click the Link "Design"
    Your District Support information is here also along with your Personal Information should you need to change something.
  • Veiw the other links to see what they are used for.

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