• Then print it on the photo paper using a high quality setting (high or best).
  • Let it dry.
  • Prepare the front of your laptop (make it free of dust, etc).
  • Apply Glue Dots as directed on each corner and in the middle of each side on the edges.
  • Apply it to the top of your laptop.


  • Use Large/High Quality Images.
  • Use images with a colored background or add one in using Layers in an advanced photo editor.
  • Make it artsy and your own!
  • Add your name in small print, brand it, etc.
  • You can easily remove the dots if you have used the proper type, so don't worry about it sticking permanently.


  • Be careful with using glues that are not supposed to be used on plastic or carbon fiber laptop cases.
  • Let the print dry. If you touch or move it before it dries, it will smudge and look bad.
  • Beware of copyrighted images and pictures by professional photographers. If you start selling them to your friends or for normal people, you can be sued!

 Things You'll Need

  • 1 8.5 x 11 (Letter) Photo Paper
  • 1 Inkjet Photo Printer (be sure the inks at a good level too)
  • 1 Design in a large format (800 x 600 is excellent). A good way to find large images is Google Images(select Large for size).
  • 8 Glue Dots(Walgreens > School/Office Isle)
    Glue Dots