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Important Numbers For Representatives

If anyone has other information they would like
to share, please email it to me and I will list it
Please know your District because some of the numbers above that say
*Newark Only* is not the number you need
You can get those numbers from your DM

  • Customer Care: 1-513-551-2866
  • FAST TALK (Automated Only): 1-866-456-0006
  • Leadership Desk: 1-800-551-5327 (Newark ONLY)
  • Fundraisers: 1-888-880-6336 (Newark)
  • Questions on Products: 1-800-445-2866
  • Quik-Pay: 1-877-784-5729 (24/7 automated only)
  • Help: 1-888-514-2866
  • Internet Help Desk: 1-888-514-2866
  • Credit Card Payments: 1-888-710-2866
  • Lost Order Hotline: 1-888-540-2866