This is just one Ad I use myself  


Seeking "HELPERS" on My Avon Website & How It Works

      I supply your Brochures & Catalogs FREE
      I supply Samples & Occasional Demo's FREE
      I supply Delivery Bags FREE
    * I supply target places and information for your contacts


    * You find Customers& Deliver their Products on time
    * You package their Products
    * You Call Your Customers when their order is ready for delivery

    * What You Get Out Of This Is
    * Extra Income or Discounts on Avon /mark. Products
    * Meeting new People
    * Possibility of being a Future Avon Representative with  Established Customers  you keep
    * And the best part is "IT'S ALL FREE" to you for being a Helper
    * Last but not least:REFER someone to be a helper and you get a "Special Bonus"