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Helper Contract - copy to word and print


Helper Contract



City, State, Zip Code +4:

Phone Number:

Social Security Number:

Driver License # (needed only to accept personal checks):

I, ________________________________, (hereafter referred to as "Helper") agree that I am willing to be a subseller for an Avon Sales Representative, Dr Corey Blake(hereafter referred to as "SR"). The agreement is as follows:

I will be entitled to commission on a graduated scale based

upon my personal and outside sales volume as follows:

$1-$100 = 10%

$101-$150 = 15%

$151-$300 = 20%

$301-$450 = 25%

$451-$600 = 30%

$601 & above = 35%

Commission will be granted in the form of products available from Avon brochures, pamphlets, flyers, etc. based upon prices found in those brochures. No cash will be granted.

I understand that my commission can be held for one campaign (two weeks) only in the form of credit vouchers.

I will receive, annually, a free birthday card and complimentary gift.

I may receive special occasion gifts (such as for increasing sales, customers, etc.)

I will receive demonstration products at the SRfs cost and understand that availability of these products are limited and are on a first-order, first-served basis.

I understand that credit vouchers can be used to purchase demonstration products as outlined in #6 above.

I understand that I will receive free sales aids at my request and in reasonable amounts (the SR will reserve the right to determine whether or not a request is reasonable) while I am receiving compensation of 25% or less for two consecutive campaigns (four weeks).

I understand that once I have reached a 30% compensation level for two consecutive campaigns, I will be responsible for purchasing sales aids at the SRfs cost.

I understand that I will receive notice of events such as sales meetings, workshops, and gatherings to which helpers are invited to attend in a timely manner and that such notice may be given by phone, email, fax, mail, or via the SRfs monthly newsletter.

I understand that I will receive an automatic subscription to the SRfs monthly newsletter as long as I remain a subseller.

I understand that the duties of collecting orders, making deliveries, and collecting money for any customer who places an order through me, are my responsibility.

I understand that customer service is an important part of the SR/customer and helper/customer relationships and pledge to offer the best customer service I can in any given situation.

I understand that I must submit orders

by mail the day before orders are due (current year calendar attached for reference on selling weeks);

by email before midnight the night before orders are due;

or by phone the night before orders are due.

I understand that if an order is not received, the SR may call to confirm that there are no orders for that campaign.

I understand that if an order is received late I will have the option to delay inclusion until the next order. If I do not delay, and late and/or shipping charges are applied to the SRfs account in order to receive products on time, I will be responsible for such charges unless SR decides otherwise.

I understand that I must submit payment in full for all orders at or before time of delivery or shipment by the SR and that the monies collected from customers would remain in my possession as reimbursement for advance payment previously issued to the SR.

I understand that I will not be held financially responsible for returns and/or exchanges. If the customer requests a refund, the SR will promptly issue refund for product in cash upon receipt of product from helper. If the customer requests an exchange, the SR will issue an exchange notice upon receipt of product for the helper to deliver to the customer to notify them of pending exchange. If an exchange request is returned unhonored by Avon due to stock unavailability and/or backorder, an immediate refund will be granted to the helper.

I understand that I will return all referral sheets to the SR for reference. I understand that all customer names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and purchase habits will remain confidential unless otherwise stated by the customer in writing and addressed to the SR.

I understand that I will forward the name, address, and phone number of any interested customer or sales representative prospect who requests such information to the SR in a timely manner.

I understand that I will refer to the Helper Manual and AVON Business Training Guides for information pertaining to sales, customer service, and product knowledge and awareness.

I understand that if I need further assistance at any time, or if I have immediate needs, questions, or concerns, I will notify the SR through one or more of the contact options found on the last page of Helper Manual.

I, Dr Corey Blake, have agreed to supply the helper with books and sales aids as stated above. Additionally, I will sort and bag all orders upon receipt whenever possible, and will deliver the items to the helper within two days (48 hours) of delivery. I agree to the commissions and benefits mentioned above. This agreement can be changed or altered only with the signature of both parties, however, either reserves the right to terminate the relationship at any time as long as written notice is served to the other at the addresses listed in this agreement.

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Date: __________________

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