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Grand Opening



How to have a GRAND OPENING or Re-Grand Opening

A Party Planning Guide

 Step One: Decide on a date: Things to keep in mind:

 Step One: Use the power of the Brochure during the particular campaign you are looking at. What’s on sale, what new products are featured, etc.

  1. What incentives are going on from AVON? How can I make the most of an opportunity during the incentive period?
  2. Do I have enough time to prepare for the party?

 Step two: Invitations

  1. Create an invitation that you can easily mass produce. Send it out 2-3 weeks ahead of the party date. (Ideal) If you know the invitees well and they will come within a week’s notice, that’s ok too!  Follow up with an email invitation. One week prior to the party, send a follow up. Two days before the event, call each guest (or have the host call the guests) to confirm attendance.
  2. Send out of town guests in invitation to shop your eRep site on the day of the event. You can add their name to the raffle, and also send samples or product as a thank you for ordering during your event.
  3. Mention on your invitations that everyone who attends will be entered into a raffle for a gift basket. Or have several smaller gift baskets for attendees.

 Step three: Prepare for the event:

  1.     Set a budget. You will need to purchase some things in advance.

         Set a reasonable budget so you do not overextend your means.

  1.     Order brochures, samples, demos, some full sized products. 
  2.     Purchase in advance, “The big Deals” from previous campaigns,

          and/or “Deals of the Day” to use in your raffles/prizes.

  1.     Determine what type of raffle/prizes you want to have.
  2.     Solicit helpers for the event. If you have good customers who 

         are familiar with the products it would be helpful to have 1-3 on

         hand to help the guests.

  1.    Assemble/Prepare mirrors, Skin Care quizzes, Order forms,     cotton swabs, makeup remover, calculator, gift baskets for door prize or raffle, roll of raffle tickets.
  2.     Check “Avon Advantage” to see if there are some marketing or promotional materials you’d like to purchase. Again, make sure you only invest what you have budgeted. Don’t over extend yourself!
  3. If you have a hostess for the event, (not your own open house), discuss host gifts based on sales volume. An example might be, for a net sales of $500 or more she would receive $50 in free Avon. You can have different tiers or a straight percentage.

 Step four: The event:

  1. Set up the event with “Stations”- this will help to organize your party. Examples are skin care, make up, fragrance, jewelry, men’s, body, etc.
  2. Include a checkout station where YOU will assist each guest with their final order and close the transaction.
  3. Offer guests light refreshments. Keep it simple, non time-consuming and non-messy.
  4. Plan a game, like The Price is Right- whoever makes the closest guess gets another ticket in the drawing! Have small trinkets on hand, Avon pens, for example or AVON emery boards. If someone asks you a question about your job, you can give them a trinket!
  5. As guests come in, welcome them and introduce yourself.  Ask about their skincare preferences, and make up style (you will surely SEE this as well), if they are into jewelry, fragrance, etc. Direct them to the appropriate stations, and make a mental note of likes/dislikes.
  6. Make sure each guest receives a ticket for the drawing when they arrive.
  7. To start the event, get everyone’s attention: Re-introduce yourself and tell them some interesting facts about AVON. Mention the CEW awards; Allure awards (if you don’t know these, look it up online!)  Thank them for coming. Ensure everyone has a raffle ticket and an order form, and that regardless of their orders, to please fill out the top portion (name, phone, address, email). Let them know you want the event to be fun and informative. Also, that depending on their orders, the hostess (if there is one) will receive a gift- so be generous! =)  Play your ‘games’ while everyone is still together as an icebreaker. Then suggest they look around the Stations to learn, try the products and make their selections.  Let them know you will be available at the checkout station when they are done.
  8. Circulate around the room, talk and be friendly!


 The Checkout Station:

  1. When a guest arrives for her checkout, ensure she has filled out the order form with her personal info.
  2. Ask some questions about her experience tonight. What did she like? What was her favorite product? How much experience does she have with Avon? Etc.
  3. Review her order. Use suggestive selling techniques to build a sale; for example: link eye shadow to eye liner, mascara. If she wants a day cream, what about a night cream, eye cream or treatment product, etc.
  4. Total her order and receive payment.
  5. Ask if there was a product she wanted tonight but passed on. If yes, or no, ask if she would be interested in hosting a party at her house. If there was a product she wanted, tell her you could give that as a host gift or at a discount at HER party. NOTE:  this conversation must be done one on one. In a group, most people will not step up to host their own party. They will think ‘the other person’ will have one!
  6. Ask if she would like more information on the AVON earning opportunity? If yes, Schedule a follow up visit.  Get in touch with me or your upline for additional support in appointing a new recruit.
  7. Either way, thank the person for attending. Ask “who do you know” that may want to host a party, learn about the AVON earning opportunity or get a brochure? 
  8. Let them know when you expect to deliver product. Set up time and place for delivery!
  9. Close the party with the raffle! (Makes sure everyone stays until the end!)
  10. Have FUN!!

 Created by my wonderful District Manager



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