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Flea Market Advice

Unknown Author, thank you for your advice! 

Skin So Soft Originial Bath Oil and Bug Guard (Aerosol) run neck and neck as the top items purchased. (I sell out of these each week!) The kid's Roll-on Body Paint Bath Soap runs pretty close in the race too. It takes getting people familiar with it because they think it is deoderant; however, I almost always sell two to three of them if I demo it for parents in front of the kids.

Other than those items it is really hit or miss. Someone told me to have a lot of $1 items and Bath Gels when I first started doing my booth, so I stocked up on these. Yeah, well........ those did not go over quite as well as I had hoped. While I do move some of them, I think I've sold 1 bath gel in 2 months. (And I sell them for $2 normally.) Jewelry goes over fairly well, but you need to have a way to display it other than just sitting in or on the box. I also do pretty well with fragrance sells; however, I wouldn't order more than 2 of any fragrance to keep on hand. It can take a while for them to start flying off the shelf, but if people can smell it they buy it more often than not!

If the Flea Market you are going to do has electricity, I HIGHLY recommend having a small TV and DVD player at you booth. Play either the Rich and Famous of AVON CD or the Opportunity Meeting CD throughout the day. This will do more than just help you get recruits. The sound and light movement on the TV will attract attention to your booth. It get's peoples attention!

I also take books out to my flea market. I put a book in every bag, and I offer a 15% discount to anyone from the flea market who orders from me and picks up their order from my booth. (Make sure to get their home contact information.) I'll call them the day before the order is due to see if what they would like to have ordered that campaign. This also helps if they do not show up at the flea market because I still have a way to contact them to make delivery.

Good luck!! Watch your pricing. Flea Market people expect bargains, so don't expect them to pay the cataolog price for anything. More than likely there will be other people selling Avon there too, so check out their prices while you are there. I have my booth set up a bit more 'boutique-ish' than most flea market booths, so I don't mind selling my items a bit more than the people outside who just throw product out. I still do fairly well. Watch your presentation of the items. Make sure prices are clearly marked (but leave some haggle room)!!


I do alot of Flea Markets so I would like to add to this ;

1)do NOT clutter your table, make it inviting.

2)bring samples if you want to sell Fragrances or they will spray all your fragrances and you won't be able to sell them

3)hang a banner from your district manager, expose yourself

4)have a sign up sheet so they can leave their name, comments for what they like, address, email if they will. follow up on them or lose them

5)smile, be friendly, bring a friend if you can

6)make sure you have a change box, they want to get things cheap but they bring 10's and 20's

7)bring plastic hanging bags they are like 50 for .60 cents (whats new bag)

8) in each bag put your contact info or business card, a sample if you have any, and a new brochure if they are interested. Ask them because most people at the flea market are there to buy not look at books later, trust me on this, they will toss it away. 60% women buy what they see and do not order from the book or site

9)have fun. I do these all the time and this should work well for you

by Judy :-)

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