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Making Your Events Section

First go to your website

  • 1) Click on Web Office
  • 2) Click on email/calendar
  • 3) Then Events & To Do's
  • 4) Click Add Event

  • Under Event Details
  • 1) Title of Event=Name it
  • 2) Type=Appointment
  • 3) Description=whatever you want in here Avon does not accept url links
    but you can put the link itself in here, if you know what I mean
  • 4) Start date=say it's Janurary do this:
  • Janurary 31 2009 (To keep it from repeating every day make the start and end date the same)
  • 5) End Date= say it's Janurary do this:
  • Janurary 31, 2009
  • 6) check the box All-day Event under end date this will keep the same event all month
  • 7) dont worry about times

  • Under Repeating Options
  • 1) check the box=Do Not Repeat This Event

  • Under Display Options
  • 1) Check the box=Display on Personal Website

  • Then save Event. Do this for as many events that you want
    When you are done and saved. Return to your website You might have to refresh it to see it.
    You don't do this for Events but Always Save & Publish your site anytime you edit it
    The day before an Event is due to expire (the last day of the month) you will have to
    go back into events and search, just type in any letter will bring up all events. Then
    click on each event and change the dates to the next month starting last day and ending
    last day of that month.