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Adding Images to your Erep Site


The first thing you need to do in order to put pictures on your website is to create a folder to store your images in. If you're a beginner the best place for your folder is probably on your desktop because it's so easy to find.
To create a folder go to your desktop and right click on an open area.
Scroll down to 'New'.
Left click 'Folder

Once your folder appears on your desktop you will notice that the folder name is highlighted. This is giving you the opportunity to name your folder. It is always best to give your folder a very memorable name that accurately describes it's contents. If you are creating a folder for your Avon website you could name the folder 'Avon images'. You get the the idea. :)
Type in the name you want to give to your newly created folder.
Hit Enter to complete the process.

Now you're ready to find some graphics for your website. Google 'free graphics' or 'holiday graphics' ... whatever it is you're looking for. You can also check out my LINKS section which has a nice selection of graphics website links.

When you find a picture you like you'll need to save it in your newly created folder. To save a picture from a Web page to your computer, just hover your mouse over the picture and 'Right mouse click' to display the menu. Then 'Left Click' on 'Save image as...'. Use the drop-down window to navigate to the desktop. When you see the name of your folder 'left click' it twice to open the folder and then click on 'Save'.

It's time to upload your pictures. In order for your pictures to be seen on the Web your images must be moved from your computer to a Web server. This is called uploading.

Photobucket offers image hosting. It's easy to use and best of all it's FREE! :) Click here PHOTOBUCKET to sign up for a free account.

After your account is activated and you've logged in you'll see a 'BROWSE' button. Click that button and locate your desktop folder by using the dropdown menu. Choose 'desktop'. When you see the name of your folder 'left click' it twice to open the folder.

Choose the image you would like to upload and 'left click' it. You will then see the image name in the box next to the 'browse' button. Now you'll need to click 'upload'. The upload may take a few moments, depending on your computer speed.

After the image is uploaded you will see a tiny thumbnail of the image right below the 'upload' button. You will see four code choices. For your Avon website you'll need to choose the entire DIRECT LINK (second code), as shown in the photo below. 'Left click' the code and it will automatically copy it for you.