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How to Have an eParty

 eParties - AVON's new Representative Tool

The thing is this is new, it's up to you and you alone to get your customers involved or you will never have an eParty! You have to invent a reason to hold a party and tell all your customers. Get them as excited as you if you want this to work. Who ever came up with this idea is a genius!

 This is the next best thing to hosting an AVON party in a customers home with less the hassle.


eParty InstructionsEparty instructions

Go to website (not your eRep site),
log in. Click on "web office" then "setup eparty".

Your info should be there but if not fill it in and continue.

1) Set up Date (when you are setting it up)

2) Host name: yours unless someone else is holding it for you like a customer *(Just like having a home party, they also have access to forwardable emails, but you have to set it up in their name)

3) contact info yours or your host

4) Campaign Placement (what campaign are you doing when the party starts. I like to do the Campaign 1 or 2 past the one I am on to allow ample time for orders

5) Number of participants (I always use over 100)

6) Estimated Sales (any amount)

7) Gift to host (click on need ideas?)

8) Start (I would select the starting day of the campaign you will be hosting)

9) End (Since you can shop 3 campaigns at a time I would make this the last day of the 3rd campaign you are starting at. You can view your selling calendar below End Date to know when that campaign ends

10) Set up Delivery Options (select both)

11) Promotional Code (Pick one you will remember, do not use a free shipping code, make one up)

12) Add a note to your customers if you like

13) Then submit, you can view your party on your eRep site.

14) If you want to change, edit, delete your event click on "web office" "Online events/eParties and manage your events.

15) Any questions click on FAQ, All the information or questions you have a most likely in this section. It's a great reference. Good luck!


You would direct your customers to the tab eParty to order for this event.

They will not be using any Reps s/h codes free or otherwise. The code you set

for your customers is what they use to assure you get the events credits.