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Step by Step Edit Your Website

The first thing you will need to do in order to edit your website is to click the WEBSITE EDITOR TAB.

Click on EDIT - as shown in the photo below

A pop-out window with a drop-down menu will appear. You are given several options. Choose WELCOME MESSAGE or NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS and click EDIT CONTENTS.

* For this tutorial I am choosing my WELCOME MESSAGE.

Now we are in the editing section of our website. Check out the photo below. As you can see Avon has already inserted a Welcome Message. In order to personalize this area with your own content you will need to check the EDIT IN HTML CODE box.

* Check out the rest of my website for a large variety of HTML 'copy & paste' codes you can use in this section

You will have to clear the Welcome Message that Avon has placed in this area. Just click the CLEAR button. All of the text inside the box should disappear

Now is the time to put all of your fantastic STUFF inside this little box. Have fun ... let your imagination go wild!

Don't be alarmed when you see your text inside the little editing box. It will look like a bunch of gobbly goop. That's okay - it's supposed to look like that. That is the HTML code.

After you have entered all of your 'stuff' just click the SAVE button, as shown in the photo below.

* PLEASE NOTE - In FIREFOX you will find your SAVE button right under your CLEAR button. If you look closely the edge of the SAVE button is right at the edge of the CLEAR button - almost like a drop shadow. If you hover your mouse over it you will see it says SAVE. Just click that little shadow edge and you can SAVE your page. See PHOTO EXAMPLE Below -

After clicking the SAVE button you will be brought back to this page - see photo below. You should see your content in the little editing box.

Now it's time to take a look at your site. By clicking PREVIEW YOUR SITE button can see what your site will look like to everyone else. This is a great way to make any changes before you publish your Avon site

It's time to publish your Avon website. Just click the SAVE & PUBLISH button
NOTE*You can edit the NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS section of your Avon website exactly the same way as above. Just remember ... you have a limited amount of space in this section so plan your design accordingly.