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Editing Your AVON Website

On my Homepage, there is a link to Carol's Easy Html, I think you will find it easy to use. If you have any questions you can add me to Yahoo ID is or MSN ID is If I am online I will be happy to help out.
On your Avon Website, click Web Office, then Edit My Site.

You will see all the sections have edit box's. You want the one's that say welcome in the center and news and announcements on the left side, either will work in the middle or left

You will have to change a few boxes around to accommodate that.
These two sections is where you can add pictures, text, backgrounds and anything else EXCEPT url's to other sites. AVON will not accept other links

The Url's for the brochure codes are on Carol's Easy Html page. To add these you can do two things: You can either upload them to Photobucket then upload them onto your page. Or if you know html click on the html box at the bottom left in edit and add the links there. (make sure you know what you are doing here or your whole page can be messed up)

You can put as many pics as you like in both these sections. I suggest you click on Carol's html on my homepage to do it correctly.

If you need more instructions just email me, Good luck