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Letter To Day Care's

NOTE: You can copy this below and paste it into your notepad or wordpad and change the words to your name and information then print.

Dear Daycare Center Director:

How would you like to receive new toys and
educational materials for your daycare center
every other month, without it costing you a thing?
My name is (your name), and I am an
Avon Independent Sales Representative in (your town).
I would like to offer your daycare center an opportunity to receive
free toys and educational materials.

Here's how it works:

I will stock a basket in your lobby with new AVON catalogs
every 2 weeks, or when you call to tell me you need more
whichever comes first.

In return, every other month I will donate an item
for you to use in your daycare business. This could be
an educational toy, a set of books, a video, or even a
seasonal item to decorate your establishment. There is no obligation
I just want to be able to thank you for the opportunity to increase my customer base.

I will deliver your first free item within 5 weeks of your approval
to stock a brochure holder in you facility. Additional gifts will then
be delivered every other month, as long as you allow me to
place my catalogs in your facility.

Avon has grown leaps and bounds, and is not just
makeup anymore. We offer skin care, bath and
body products, jewelry, apparel, inspirational & wellness items and gifts.
We have something for everyone, men and children included.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee
You have nothing to lose if you want to try out a product.

  • New brochure every 2 weeks.
  • No payment is collected until I deliver the products.
  • Payment can be made with: Cash, Check or Credit Card
  • Shopping at home

  • If you are interested in taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity,

  • please contact me at (your number)
  • http://yourwebsite
  • My email is (your email)

  • I look forward to being your new Avon Lady!