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Know Avon & Credit Limits

Do you have the new landing home page? If you do, your limit is on the right hand side. Otherwise, you should call customer service.

Also, remember that your credit limit applies to your cost of the order, not the brochure price.

On your credit limits, it will depend on what your "AVON" credit score tag is.
Your district manager would know what that is if SHE signed you up. If another representative signed you up, she can tell you what your score is and should have told you the day that she signed you up. If you signed up online, then call customer service and ask them, they should be able to tell you, but only if you signed up online.

If all else fails, you can email me and I will do your score for you.
Your limits go up starting in campaign 21 for 4th quarter.
Avon goes by your age, if you own or rent, have a job, a bank account, credit card and phone number, driver's license and how many years you have lived where you are. They DO NOT pull a credit report.
Avon is the #1 Micro-Lender in the world. People that take advantage of that are why Avon has had to start being stict with the credit limits.
Last year Avon wrote off over 70 million dollars in bad debt, with 70% of that from new representative. It has to stop somewhere or they will have to raise prices and that does nobody any good.
If you are going into your 4th campaign with Avon, your credit limit will double. If you have been late in making the payment to Avon, it most likely will not. It is important to always pay Avon before placing your next order.
Any more questions, feel free to email me at

Thanks, Lorraine Spencer

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