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Important: About Credit Card Processing

Representatives who take credit card payments where the card is not imprinted; or a signature is not obtained (e.g., phone orders); or a form is not received in the branch are not protected from chargebacks, even when a valid authorization code is obtained. These payments may still be processed, but the Representative will be liable in the event of a chargeback by the bank to Avon.

For details on steps to protect you, please review Preventing Credit Card Fraud at
Credit Card Fraud

With your kits you got blank credit card forms. Look inside to see how to use them. It's very important to fill in all the blanks. Here are some important ideas

  • check the expiration date before you begin
  • ask for an id and make sure the card matches their id for names
  • enter all their information on to the card
  • the card MUST be imprinted on the form, use a cc imprinter you can purchase from Avon for $15.00 or use a pencil but make sure everything is visible
  • once that is done have your cell phone handy and call the 800 number inside the front page of the cc form. once AVON has accepted it, have your customer sign it
  • Thank them for their order and give them a copy of the slip. This slip can be mailed into AVON at anytime. When they receive it you will be credited on your next invoice for payment.
    At every Credit Card Sale You Might Want To Offer The Customer To Sign Up For An AVON Credit Card (below)To Make Purchases Go Smoother