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Beware - Scammers - Bad Checks - Virus Alerts

In from Avon - Fraud Alert!
Over the years we have warned you about various scams & fraudulent activity that could impact you as an Avon Representative. These scams have involved money orders, bad checks, credit cards & email correspondence.

Recently, we have been informed of the latest scam being implemented to trick you into processing a very large order based upon an email, often from someone claiming to be out of the country & unable to go throught the proper ordering and/or payment channels.

If you receive an email from someone you don't know who is placing an order (any size order), there are ways to protect yourself from fraud. consider sending them to either your eRepresentative site or to the Avon site(, where there are better security measures in place.

As a reminder, Avon's policy on accepting credit cards states that Representatives who accept payments without an imprint of the credit card, a signature from the Customer and a valid authorization code are not protected from chargebacks. A valid authorization code alone is insufficient to protect your account. Payments submitted with only a valid authorization code (even with either a signature or an imprint but not both of these things) may still be processed, and the Representative is liable in the event of a chargeback.

Most AVON Representatives can identify these scammers

How to Identify them

  • 1) You will receive a request on your AVON website from someone you do not know
  • 2)They will first say "I want to order Products"

  • 3)When you respond they will ask for a large amount of expensive products

  • 4)They will say they will pay with certified or cashier checks

  • 5)They will go on to say "I am out of town or the country on a business venture and say they will pay all the shipping, etc

  • 6)Some will give you the order in email right away

  • The information above should alert you right away. I suggest you ignore & delete the mail. Do not respond. If they are legit they will contact you again. If they are not they will go away.

    I got this today to show you what they say:

    On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 8:52 AM,

    gleavetina@yahoo wrote:

    You have received a 'contact me' request, in your address book from the following Customer. Please review the message and notify the Customer as needed. If you've already viewed this message from your Address Book, you can disregard this message.

    The following information was submitted:

    Tina Gleave

    I want to order products

    And I responded with:

    Hello Tina,

    I will be happy to help you. Go to my Website and register, shop online and enter Direct Delivery. Replace the SHIP3 code with FSANY and update at the bottom. If you live in my town I will be happy to do Personal Delivery with payment upon Delivery. Thank you for Shopping My AVON Store

    Judy Pinkham

    Independent AVON Sales Representative

    And I can't Wait to show you her Response!

    *Update* She went away! LoL SCAMMER!

    If you buy and send these items you will receive a certified check, cash it then it will disappear from your account. You will be liable with your bank and AVON for the amount of money.

    Do not get caught up in this, it happens all the time. You must be able to identify the SCAMMERS! If you are not sure, email them back and say

    "I only do direct delivery and give them your website." If they say they are not familiar with websites and how to (since they have no problems using email)

    Protect yourself, I hope you do not get caught in this Scam Business!


    Latest Virus Alerts for AVON Representatives
    This appears to be a legitimate warning: The newest virus circulating is the UPS/Fed Ex Delivery Failure.
    You will receive an email from UPS or Fed Ex Service along with a Packet number. It will say that they were unable to deliver a Package sent to you on such-and-such a date. It then asks you To print out the attached invoice.


    Pass this warning on to all your PC Operators at work and home. This virus has caused Millions of Dollars in damage in the past few days.

    Confirmed by Snopes

    BAD CHECKS!- This can happen to you!

    I noticed alot of Reps lately are taking bad checks from customers. #1 Stop taking them!
    You have several forms of payment from customers
  • 1) The good ole fashion cash! Always works
  • 2) AVON Credit - Give them a CC application for AVON
  • 3) Use your AVON Credit Card Forms, call the 800 to verify the CC is good
  • 4) Pay Pal - If anyone tries to stiff them they go after them!
  • 5) Money Order - NOT FROM SPAMMERS (watch for that online SCAMMING)

  • Below, this was posted in a forum recently from a lady that works in a major check cashing company
    I seriously would take her advice and follow her instructions below:

    This is the legal way of collecting bad money on returned checks.
  • Step 1: deposit the checks into your bank (if they are returned you will have a image of the check & the reason why it was returned)
  • Step 2: if the checks come back bad... send her a Returned check letter with a copy of the checks that were returned.

  • Depending on your state.... the customer generally has 14 days to pay off these checks plus a $30 fee per check
    (that's if you want to place a charge on returned checks.) Send this letter certified so that you have proof that she received the letter

  • Step 3: if she does not responded to your letter within 14 days I would file suit in small claims court.... request judgment for the amount owed per check + returned check fees per check + all court cost

  • Remember to keep all receipts and documentation.
    For checks over one years old....depending on your state's banking commission laws... you might be able to collect. Just google BANKING COMMISSION laws for your state. (Even if you have written it off as a loss....which all companies write off accounts as a loss by a certain time period....they are called charged off accounts...but they still attempt to collect the debt until their time frame has expired.