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Any Business Letter

Use this letter below for any business, copy and paste it into your notepad or word pad and just change the names and business name and print.

Dear Director,
I am writing this letter to see if there might be some ways I might be of use to your (name of business) business. My name is (your name) and I am an Independant Avon Representative Lady . I don't know if you've seen what we carry - but Avon has products for men ,women, teens & young children.

I'm contacting you because - I know how hard it can be to make ends meet for some (example daycare providers) you say what ever the business might be cashier, waitress, etc. Especially in today's economy! I know you probably have various products on hand there like hand soaps for the kids and staff that you have to purchase. I'd like to see if I can offer you the quality of the Avon line - at a discounted rate below what you're spending now. Avon offers antibacterial hand soaps - and extra gentle ones safe enough for the most sensitive of hands.

If you give me an idea of what kinds of products you are buying now and for what price - I can put together a proposal for you to review to see if I can still offer you a quality product at a better price than you're paying now. Along with offering you some free samples of these products to see if you like them before making any buying decisions!

Saving money is one way I might be able to help. I also know you would love to find a way to take what you're doing now - and be able to generate more income from it without any real extra effort. What if I could increase the money you are making now - with the only extra effort on your part to achieve this would be to simply tuck an Avon brochure into your kids' backpacks for mom to see when she picks them up twice a month?

Imagine if you had only five parents who brought you orders that gave you an extra $50 a head every month? The extra $250 a month in profit - along with the good will of offering busy parents a way to shop conveniently for many products they'd have to spend time going to the store to get - also offers your clients a little extra "perk" for using your company for their daycare needs.

What about fund raisers? Need to raise money to buy new equipment or add something new? Avon has great fund raising campaigns just for this purpose.

What about just for yourself? What if you took and listed out some of the products you buy every month now just for your family - shampoos, fragrance, skincare, clothing, jewelry, gift items, etc. Imagine you were to be able to buy these products from Avon at the wholesale or discounted rate below what you're spending now? What if it only meant saving $100 a month - not to mention the convenience of delivery of these products right to your door (saving you on gas money and time)? Do you realize that "only" $100 a month means $1200 extra a year in your pocket?

Think it's not worth it? I know Avon representatives all over the country who are telling me how much business they're getting from daycare centers. Parents are busy and looking for ways to cut costs and make extra time in their day - without sacrificing on quality. Plus Avon carries some really great products for kids.

I invite you to check some of them out on this link or call with your email address and I'll happily send the link directly to you.

If you see something you like - you can get free shipping with the code "fsany". You'll also get two free weeks at any local Curves with any purchase. Your busy moms' might like that as a free gift from you too!

I'd love to talk to you more about how Avon can help you make more money, get great quality products from a reputable company, reduce your costs, provide extra perks for your customers and save you some time and gas money by allowing us to deliver your orders right to your door for no extra charge.

I can even put together little "birthday packages" to your kids to give as presents if you decide you'd like to explore these ideas further with me.

Give me a call anytime at (area code) your number, please leave your name, number and best time to call back.

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