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Beauty Tips

Makeup Application Tips
Start with minimal product. It’s easier to apply more than it is to apply less. For a more natural look, use shades with equal intensity and undertone, use matte shades rather than shimmer, and apply less rather than more. For a dramatic look, use deeper or darker shades, use shimmer shades instead of matte, and apply more rather than less. To emphasize a specific feature, select a shade one intensity lighter or darker.

Ten Steps of Makeup Application
  • 1.Concealer
  • 2.Foundation
  • 3.Powder
  • 4.Base eye shadow and accent eye shadow
  • 5.Eye liner
  • 6.Brow pencil or brow powder
  • 7.Blush
  • 8.Mascara
  • 9.Lip liner
  • 10.Lipstick

  • The Daily Dose of Skin Care. Who’s on First?
    Cleansers always come first. When special exfoliators are used they come between cleansing and toning. Toning, if separate, comes after cleansing. Treatments come after toning. If multiple treatments are used, apply the lightest in consistency before heavier, richer, creamier consistencies. Eye creams are applied just before or just after moisturizers. Moisturizers are applied last, if they contain a sunscreen.

    3 Ways to Perfect Your Pout
  • 1.Soften delicate skin. Use a conditioning treatment. When lips are hydrated, color goes on evenly and lasts longer. Try Beyond Color Plumping Lip Conditioner SPF 15 with double the retinol; Moisture Therapy Intensive Moisturizing Lip Treatment SPF 15; mark Sheenstick Hook Up Lip Balm.
  • 2.Create the illusion of dimension. Apply a pearly illuminator directly above the indent of lip’s V-shape. The highlighter creates luminosity and gives lips a lift. Try Personal Match Smooth Mineral Makeup in Mineral Veil or Warmth; Sheer Glow All Over Face Powder.
  • 3.Add shine. Shiny lips always look smoother and fuller. Wear an intense-shine gloss alone, or dab on a clear coat in the center over lipstick. Try Glazewear Liquid Lip Color; mark Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss.

  • 3 Instant Skin Fixes
    Neutralize Ruddiness Spritz on a moisturizing mist that contains botanical soothers like oat extract to calm redness. It will also help rehydrate dry skin for an instant glow.
    Banish Breakouts Blemishes look inflamed because they’re mildly infected. For faster healing, spot treat to kill bacteria. Try Clearskin Immediate Response Spot Treatment.