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Basket Giveaway

FREE Avon Basket Giveaway
Want to build your customer base quickly?
Then this is the idea that you need to try first.
THIS WORKS....try it for yourself!
First thing you need to do is make up some entry slips for
a "Basket of Avon Giveaway". This is what they say:
"Giveaway Drawing"
Winner to be drawn on (you choose a date)

  • NAME:
  • --Yes No......I want a FREE Avon brochure
  • --Yes No......I want information on getting Avon at a discount
  • --Yes No......I want information on hosting an Avon Party and earning FREE Avon
  • --Yes No......I want information on Avon Fundraisers
    When I go through the line at the grocery store, pay for my gas,
    pick up my pharmacy prescriptions, check out my book at the library,
    pay the clerk at the drive-thru get the picture?
    Whenever I meet a new face I tell them that I am giving away a
    "Basket of Avon" in a FREE drawing to be held XX/XX/XX.

    I then ask them if they want to enter for FREE?
    (Stress the word FREE...most people think your trying to sell
    them something) Most people will say YES. You will get a few no's...
    but don't let that discourage you. Anyway, when they say yes
    I hand them my entry slip and tell them I'll need their name and
    phone number and for them to answer yes or no to the four questions.

  • Question #1 will tell you if you are talking to a potential customer.
  • Question #2 will tell you if you are talking to a potential recruit or helper.
  • Question #3 will let you know if you can call them to host an Avon Party.
  • Question #4 will let you know if you may have a potential fundraiser.

  • I have them fill out the slip first and as they are filling it out I notice if they
    circle yes for question #1. If so, I give them a brochure and let them know
    that I'll call them before I turn in my order.

    This works for me in several way:
  • 1...I know right away if they are interested in Avon. (no wasted books)
  • 2...I don't have to ask for their phone number after I give them a book.
  • 3...I feel very comfortable doing this because I am offering them a chance
    to win something FREE at the same time I am trying to get them as a customer.
  • 4...Most will tell me if they already have a representative or not.

    Oh by the way, when I get to my car and am alone...
    I write where I met them on the back of their slips.
    I would start a list of everyone that fills out your entry slips with their
    name, phone number, work place and when they filled out the slip.
    This will really encourage you as you see your list growing each day.
    Don't forget to call the people and see if they want you to order them anything.
    Also you will need to get their address when you call so you can
    deliver them a new book each campaign!

    Good Luck!!

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