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How To Put Backgrounds On Your Website

What you don't know is there are two sections you can edit on your Avon Website

  • 1)Your Welcome Section
  • 2) Your News and Announcements Section

  • Pull up your Website, then go to Web Office.
    Click Edit Website. Once you are there,
    click on the edit signs.
    For the middle section "Choose News and Announcements"
    and for the left section "Choose Welcome Message".
    NOTE: Either will work on left or center.
    Once you have chosen those two sections you can
    write or edit in them and I will show you
    how to add a background to both sections.
    Go search for a background and right click to save it to your computer. Name it so you can easily find it again. I make an Avon folder for every thing in my documents so you could make an Avon Background folder, where you can save backgrounds.

    Then go to PhotoBucket and register FREE to open an account. make a new file for backgrounds so you can find them, then upload your background into photobucket

    When that is all done, go to the link below for simple directions on How To Add A Background
    Add A Background

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