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How To Have A Successful Avon Home Party

An AVON Home Party

Parties and Home Partys are an excellent way to sell hundreds of dollars in a matter of hours. Once you have one party, you'll definitely want to have more!

A Step By Step Approach
Step 1 Prepare
  • Decide on the date and time you want your Avon Home Party to take place.
  • Choose the products you would like to display and order them in advance.
  • Identify a theme or key focus. Examples are Gifts; Skincare, Color or you may be using one of Avon’s Home Party Kits. Actually showcase or demonstrate your key focus products. The key focus for this Avon Home Party is Perfect Wear. Products you are not demonstrating are left on the display for your guests to see.
  • Make a list of who you will be inviting.
  • Send out invitations 1 or 2 weeks in advance of your party (20 invitations are included in your kit)

  • Step 2 Materials
  • Make a list of the materials you need to support you. Examples are, display table, order pads, pencils, tissues, mirrors, cotton balls, brochures, recruiting flyers, etc.
  • It is always a good idea to provide refreshments; these can be as simple as cookies and juice.
  • Create a sign-up sheet.
  • Unpack your Avon Home Party kit. Place the 20 thank you cards aside for now, you will need them after you have completed your party.

  • Step 3 The Avon Home Party
  • On the day of the event be prepared ahead of time, relax and have fun.
  • Set up your key product focus display. This is where you will display the items in your kit.
    (I poster, 2 assortments of eye shadow samples, 2 assortments of lipstick samples and 1 each of the foundation samples. Adding full size products enhance the display)
  • Consider any complementary products you wish to display.
  • Set up your refreshment area.
  • Have your customer order pads and sign up sheet readily available.

  • Step 4 Follow up
  • Decide now on your course of follow-up after the party. Use the sign up sheet to capture the name, number and address of each guest. This will allow you to follow-up with a thank you card and offer continued or new service. This is a great way to gain new customers and grow your business.
  • Offer your Hostess a special deal. For example, your Hostess could receive:

  • .
    When someone has a party for you, you want to encourage them to get one of their guests to book a party that day. Perhaps anyone who books a party not only gets 30% of their purchase in FREE merchandise, or they can purchase five items at a 40% discount. You decide. Keep in mind if she selects a fixed earnings product you can only give her 20% off. If the hostess has someone book a party let her choose an additionally five products at the 40% discount, making a total of ten!

    Attached is a sample letter you can mail or give to customers to encourage them to book a party.

    An AVON Home Party
    How to Demonstrate products
    It is important to demonstrate your products at a Home Party. The best way to accomplish this is by Show, Tell and Experience.

  • Show the product. Use the Avon brochure to help you with product benefits and descriptions. Wear Avon fragrance, jewelry and clothing.
  • Tell your guests what the product is for, how it works, application tips, whatever is appropriate and relates to the product.
  • Have your guests Experience the product by touching, feeling, smelling. If you are demonstrating Beauty products such as skin care or color, allow your guests to try on the products by utilizing samples. Many of Avon’s skincare and color products can be applied to the back of the hand. Guests like this because it is easier to see and feel the product and allows for many products to be experienced. (You may want to consider becoming a certified Beauty Advisor, Beauty Advisors are able to offer free makeovers at any time, especially Home Party’s)
  • If you are demonstrating fragrance be careful not to have too many open samples circulating. This will help avoid the fragrance from overwhelming the air, which can make some guest uncomfortable.

  • Games to Play
  • Secret Messages…Have just enough envelopes made to give one to each guest. Put one slip of paper in each envelope that offers any one of the following:
  • 10% off today's Avon purchase
  • FREE gift! (Have some pre-selected samples/trial sizes on hand)
  • 20% off today’s Avon purchase
  • Thank you for joining us today!
  • Earn 30% of the total Avon purchases when you collect at least 5 Avon orders from family/friends
  • Each guest selects an envelope and celebrate!

  • An Example
    Dear Friend:
    Open your house to your family and friends this year with an Avon Home Party. An Avon Home Party is a great way to introduce Avon products to people you know. Your friends will see items that are marketed by the world's #1 Beauty Company, and all backed by our 100% Guarantee.

    Our products for the entire family line including fragrances, jewelry, color cosmetics, breakthrough technologies in skin and hair care, and holiday gift-giving!

    Many people enjoy the convenience of shopping at home, especially during this busy time of year. Hosting an Avon Home Party in your home enables you to receive personal attention from a friendly, knowledgeable, Avon Representative.

    Not only will you have the opportunity to see and touch Avon products in your home, as hostess you can earn your choice of Avon products, or special discounts.

    What you can earn when you host an Avon Home Party

    Sales Total: Merchandise Total
    $100 $30 $40
    $200 $60 $65
    $300 $90 $100
    $400 $120 $130
    $500 $150 $150
    $600 $180 $200

    What a great way for you to do your holiday shopping. Choose your Home Party date today. Too busy to schedule an Home Party, show brochures to your family and friends and receive the similar benefits. For more information contact:

    Your Name Here
    Independent Avon Sales Representative
    Your Phone Here

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