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Basic Cosmetic Application

Purpose: to hide dark shadows and under eye circles.
Selection: a shade that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone.
Application: dot in the inner corners of your eyes and gently blend out with your ring finger.
NOTE: can be applied a second time over foundation for additional coverage.

Purpose: to provide a smooth base for long-lasting application, add color, even skin tone and hide imperfections.
a. Shade: warm undertones or cool undertones to match your skin. If you have to blend with your neck, it’s too dark!
b. Skin type: normal, oily, dry or sensitive?
Application: Apply sparingly to forehead, nose, checks and chin using fingertips or sponge. Blend gently downward to the jaw line. Never apply below jaw line.
NOTE: some foundations change color after application. Wait a few minutes and check color. It should blend so well it’s almost invisible.

Purpose: to "set" makeup, reduce shine and help foundation last longer. Also helps blush apply more smoothly and evenly.
Selection: match intensity of foundation
a. first apply after foundation and before blush.
B. as a finishing touch after completion of makeup. Apply with a puff or loose powder brush. Dust lightly across forehead, down the nose and across the cheeks and chin concentrating on shiny parts of the face.

Purpose: To add color and glow and accent bone structure. Adds a vertical lift to the face.
Selection: select to match coloring and skin tone. Drier skins often do better with a cream rather than powder form.
Application: Apply blush starting at the center of the cheek, blending up the cheekbone and diagonally out and up toward the hairline right above the ear.
NOTE: Blush and lip color should be selected from the same color family.

Purpose: to accent and define the shape of the eye, to life the eye area.
Selection: Choose from the same color family as blush and lip color. Also to accent color of eyes.
Application: (one method) choose two complimentary shades, one light-to-medium to highlight, and one medium-to-dark to add definition. Apply lighter shade to entire lid, starting at the lash line and going right up to the brow bone. Apply darker shade in the crease and extend the color outward to the outside corner of the eye.

Purpose: to enhance the shape of the eyes, making them appear larger, to intensify the natural eye color and make lashes appear thicker. Selection: same color family as eye shadows or match to compliment skin tone/eye color.
Application: Always apply liners as close to the lash line as possible. Line the upper 2/3 and the outer 1/3 of the bottom lid.

Purpose: to make lashes appear longer, thicker and darker. Selection: base on needs such as waterproof, lengthening or volumizing. Also consider color family such as black or brown.
Application: Turn wand to a horizontal position and sweep upward through lashes. Let dry and re-apply.
NOTE: Mascara should be replaced every 3 months due to hygiene factors.

Purpose: To define and shape the brows, to ‘frame’ the eyes.
Selection: Select a shade that matches or is slightly darker than natural brow.
Application: use short, feathering strokes to softly fill in with color, starting from the inner point and moving toward the end. Comb or crush upper edge of brow hairs for a ‘lift’.

Purpose: to define the shape of the lip and to prevent ‘feathering’ or ‘bleeding’ of the lipstick.
Selection: select shade in your color family.
Application: Draw a smooth line from the center to the out corner of the top lip. Repeat on the other side of the top lip. Then draw a smooth line form corner to corner of the bottom lip.
NOTE: Clear lip liner is available. Fill the entire lip with pencil for longer lasting lipstick.

Purpose: to color, define, shape and protect lips against dryness. To balance the face and bring out the eyes.
Selection: Either within a color family, for a specific outfit or to try something new. * Be sure makeup colors match throughout the face. Also specific needs such as moisturizing or long lasting.
Application: Apply inside the lip liner, either directly from the tube or with a lip brush
NOTE: for longer lasting lip color, apply light dusting of loose powder to lips and then apply lip color.
All steps are not always necessary. Sometimes for a more natural look, just the concealer, foundation and a light blush will suffice and can make a marked difference on your appearance.

TIPS & How-To’s:
How to choose the right type of foundation Foundation comes in liquid, cream, stick and liquid-to-powder forms. Liquids tend to be sheerest and creams heaviest, but you can find almost any type of coverage, including long-wearing, in every formulation. What to think about: Factor in these three considerations when choosing foundation:
1) the degree of coverage you want;
2) compatibility with your skin type; and
3) the type of finish you want. Coverage ranges from super-sheer-the lightest-to thicker, heavier coverage.

If your skin is normal-to-oily, choose an oil-free, non-comedegenic formula. Drier skins benefit from moisturizing formulas, such as Avon's Face Lifting Moisture Firm Foundation-Cream Soufflé.

Finish, in order from dry to moist, can be matte, luminous or dewy. Tinted moisturizer is a minimalist option and one you can create yourself. Simply mix a bit of moisturizer with a bit of liquid foundation in the palm of your hand and apply as foundation.

ADVANCE Check out Avon's Pinks/Roses shade collection for your perfect blush. Medium complexions
Deeper skin can take intense bronzes, spice tones, reddish brown. Check out Avon's Beiges/Browns shade family.

Olive skins are flattered by brownish plum and berry shades. Liquid, gel and felt-tip-type pen liners create strong, well-defined lines. Try Avon's retractable, self-sharpening GLIMMERSTICKS Eye Liner for precision lining and perfect blend ability.

ADVANCE Powdery pencil and fat crayon liners are better when you want a softer, smoggier effect. Creamy pencils, like Avon's PERFECT WEAR Eye Liner, create a strong line and can also be smudged into a smokier look. Many women find pencils easier to use than liquid, especially for everyday use when there's no time to fix mistakes.

Avon's HYDRA FINISH Gel Eye Pencil smoothly glides on liquid color with the control of a pencil.
ADVANCE *Hint: Chilling pencil liners in the refrigerator for a few minutes before sharpening makes them less breakable.

Which color?
Dark brown is a universal flatterer.
Neutral grays, khaki and browns are also good staples. Black works on all but the fairest complexions, though it's dramatic and intense, and may not be right for everyday wear.

How to choose the best eye shadow colors?
Color for everyday life should be neutral, natural-light browns, grey, taupe.

For nights out or special occasions, darker, brighter-more intense-colors make for high drama.

A classic makeup rule is that if your eyes are dramatically made up, your lips and cheeks shouldn't be as bold.

Fairest skins should stick with natural-tone pale shadows.
Medium complexions can wear intense color or neutrals if eyes are dark; lighter-eyed colorings look best in lighter tint's.
Redheads look good in browns and bronze-tinted shades.
Deeper complexions are flattered by all shades of brown and can wear shimmer especially well.
Olive coloring means you can wear anything from neutrals to pale colors, best in sheer textures.Light shades can help bring out your eyes.
*Hint: The newest sheer pastel and "colored" eye shadowsgreens, blues, purples are wearable transparent and fun to experiment with. Use a fluffy eye shadow brush for a soft, subtle look.

How to choose the best lipstick shades for you Fairest skins look good in blue-undertone reds, lightest pinks, honey, mocha and pinkish beiges.
Medium skins are flattered by rich reds with brown or yellow undertones, brown-undertone pinks, medium browns from mocha to caramel.
Redheads need brownish undertones like raisin reds, and deep peach shades (nothing too pink).
Deeper skin tones like brownish reds and plums, sheerest pinks, pink-glossed beige and virtually any shade of brown.
Olive skins look good in brownish reds and berries, deepest pinks, chocolate, yellow-browns and plum browns.
*Hint: Lipstick color always looks darker in the tube, pot or pencil than it will on your lips.

A Great Face in 5 Minutes You have choices in base coverage depending on what you need.
The minimum: concealer only, foundation only or foundation-used-as-concealer only.
The maximum: concealer and foundation. Start with concealer. To maximize time and efficiency, try one that does more than simply cover up. Avon's Concealing Stick moisturizes skin while it covers dark circles and blemishes. Look for the same kind of dual-purpose power in your foundation.
Avon's Face Lifting Moisture Firm Foundation will help your skin feel toned and seems to make fine lines disappear. Don't forget to blend, blend, blend. There's time here for mascara, eye shadow and a smudge of eye liner.
Again, you'll save time by switching to advanced formulations and products, many that do double duty.

As an example, Avon's INCREDIBLE LENGTHS Long and Strong Mascara darkens, lengthens, conditions, combs, curls and separates lashes in one swift swoop.
Eye shadows now have more staying power and don't require a painter's perfect hand or eye to apply.

(Avon's PERFECT WEAR Eye Color is a great example.) Powder blush is speediest by fractions of a second-but any blush goes on fast. You probably won't need this much time, but there's extra built in to allow for liner and lipstick. (Creamy-textured liner pencils glide on fast.)Use transfer-resistant lipstick like Avon's PERFECT WEAR Double Performance Lipstick to minimize maintenance time. All done! Take a few seconds, maybe more for reviewing, refining and admiring.