Are you over 25 and still suffering from breakouts?? Well, you are not alone.

9 03 2008

About half of adult females and a quarter of adult males will suffer breakouts from time to time during their adult lives. I am part of this statistic and hate every embarrassing minute of it. We all expect a few blemishes when we were going through our awkward teen years, but not in our adult lives.

If you are like me, you may have spent many hours in a dermatologist office through out the years and spent hundreds of dollars trying to prevent and ‘cure’ your adult acne. Within the past year, my health insurance decided not to cover all the expensive creams I have been using which means I would have to pay full price out of pocket. The cost of both creams use to run me $60, the increase cost is a little over $200. Can you imagine spending that much every couple of months just to clear up a few blemishes and help prevent new ones? There are plenty of other things I can use that money for so I stopped re-filling my prescription. Naturally, my blemishes started to come back.

Being an Avon Representative I knew I had some of the best skin care products at my finger tips, but I never realized there were products especially formulated for blemished “Adult” skin. After a little bit of research and learning a bit more about Avon Solutions: True Pore-Fection, I realized I had to give this line of products a chance.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the following products and made them part of my morning and evening routine:

  • True Pore-Fection Gel Cleanser: This contains salicylic acid to treat and help prevent breakouts without over drying. I use this cleanser in the AM and PM.
  • True Pore-Fection Toner: This toner to help reduce oiliness and reduce the size of your pores. I use this twice a day, following the cleanser. If you are oily in just the “T” zone, use the toner only in that area. You do not want create other problems and over-dry your skin.
  • True Pore-Fection Lotion: This light moisturizer helps prevent blemishes with salicylic acid. The bottle recommends using this three times a day, but I only use this at night and cleansing and toning.
  • True Pore-Fection Mask: This mask will help reduce oiliness as well as reduce the size of large pores. I use this at least three times a week.
  • AVON SOLUTIONS Hydra Radiance Moisturizing Day Lotion SPF15: Even though you are trying to prevent breakouts your skins stills needs to be moisturized daily. Without moisturizer our skin can become too dry which can lead to dull skin as well as premature fine lines and wrinkles. This particular moisturizer is light weight and contains SPF 15. I use this moisturizer in the AM only.

After following this regimen for a week or so, I have seen an improvement in the clarity of my skin without over drying or dulling of the skin. I highly recommend all of these products to any adult, male or female, who wants to looks their best all the time.

Don’t forget, if you are a parent of a teen with acne or your are a teen suffering from acne, Avon has an entire skincare line just for you… ClearSkin.

To those interested in AVON SOLUTIONS Hydra Radiance Moisturizing Day Lotion;